Options for columns of Table.

Header#include "nativeui/table.h"
Namespacenamespace nu


Table::ColumnType type (optional)

The type of column, which decides how table cells are rendered.

By default the column renders readonly text.

std::function<void(Painter* painter, const RectF& rect, const base::Value& value)> on_draw (optional)

If the type is Custom, this function will be used for renderering table cells under the column.

int column (optional)

Which column of table model to show.

By default the index of table's newly-added column will be used.

int width (optional)

Initial width of column.

Using -1 will use auto-size. By default -1 is used.

On Linux setting the width of last column does not work, it always resizes to fill the space. It is recommended to use -1 for last column to have consistent behavior between platforms.