Options for creating browser.



boolean devtools (optional)

Whether the browser can show devtools, default is false.

Depending on platform, the option to show devtools is usually in the context menu, so you should also enable builtin context menu when using this option.

This option is not working on Windows when IE is used as backend.

boolean contextmenu (optional)

Whether to use builtin context menu, default is false.

On macOS due to the limitation of system APIs, right-clicking certain elements would still popup a menu with Services items.

boolean allowfileaccessfromfiles (optional) macOS Linux

Whether file access is allowed from file URLs, default is false.

By default, when something is loaded in using a file URI, cross origin requests to other file resources are not allowed. This setting allows you to change that behaviour, so that it would be possible to do a XMLHttpRequest of a local file, for example.

boolean hardwareacceleration (optional) Linux

Whether to enable hardware acceleration, default is true.

boolean webview2support (optional) Windows

Whether to use WebView2 as backend, default is false.

Please read WebView2 support for more information.