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  • App

    Application class.
  • Button

    Native button, can also be used as checkbox and radio button.
  • Canvas

    Offscreen drawing.
  • Color

    32-bit Color with alpha channel.
  • Container

    Drawable view with child views.
  • Entry

    Single-line text input view.
  • Font

    Native font.
  • Group

    Display a container view with title and border.
  • Image

    Native image.
  • Label

    Display text.
  • Lifetime

    Event loop and application lifetime.
  • Menu

    Popup menu.
  • MenuBar

    Menu bar.
  • MenuBase

    Base class of menu bar and popup menu.
  • MenuItem

    Menu item.
  • Painter

    Graphic context.
  • ProgressBar

    Horizontal bar showing progress.
  • Scroll

    Show a part of view with scrollbar.
  • Vibrant

    Translucency view.
  • View

    Base class for GUI components.
  • Window

    Native window.